Dream Academy

What is Dream Academy?

Dream Academy is the name we have given to the before and after school academic enrichment opportunities made possible by funds received through a 21st Century Community Learning Grant.

We want our students to "Dream Big" about their future!  To support their dreams we offer academic support and learning enrichment opportunities to enhance their school day experience and go beyond, developing interests, hobbies, skills and stronger academic engagement.  We want students to "Dream Big" and also have the ability, experiences and support to make these dreams come true.

Current offerings include:

Before and after school math enrichment and academic support
STEM:  science club, math "counts" club, coding/video game design, math games
Reading Teams &Team Reading Challenges &Writing Club
Chess Club, Magic and Minecraft Club
Youth Government, Leadership and Service opportunities
Arts:  music, jewelry-making, pinterest club
Sports and Wellness activities

For more information and to get involved please contact: 
Jennifer Schneider
Dream Academy Coordinator