Sara Kinsella, Integrated Life Science, Science 8

"Everyone who can stand, stand now.  
If you can help others, do so."

~Welles Crowther~

          1st Hour Integrated Life Science (ILS)
               2nd Hour  ILS
               3rd Hour ILS
               4th Hour  Prep
               5th Hour  8th Grade Science
               6th Hour Recovery Room
           7th Hour  ILS
(920) 663-9790


This is my fifth year teaching in the very district that helped to mold me into the person I am today! Prior to teaching, I spent many wonderfully fulfilling years in the field of Sports Medicine as an Athletic Trainer ...pre-kids:).  Aside from my class schedule listed above, I'm also responsible for coordinating all aspects of Health and Wellness for Washington's after-school program, "Dream Academy".  I LOVE exercise and being active with amazing programs that encourage students, staff,  and others in our community to live healthy lifestyles.  My hobbies include  running, biking, sprint triathlons, kickboxing, weightlifting, reading, and watching movies - ALL of which are made better when I can do them with my family!  

If you have ideas for fun activities to do with Dream Academy this year, PLEASE don't hesitate to drop by and chat with me!

Make it an excellent year and stay up:)