Jennifer Schneider, School Social Worker

Mrs. Schneider

family picture

Hello! I'm Jenny Schneider, the School Social Worker at Washington!  In case you are wondering, I'm the one on the left.  The others are my cute and wonderful family! :)

At Washington, I am one half of our Guidance Team. Our School Counselor and I work to ensure  students find  their learning experience meaningful and individually beneficial.  I feel a personal responsibility to help students identify what they are passionate about, so they can become alive in their learning.  I have a mission to teach and 
model respectful and compassionate interactions through service and community involvement. 

 I strongly believe  that we all need to be the "Be the Change" we wish to see in the world.
   We  are called and long to make a difference!

Lets work together to make a difference! 

Please feel to contact me!  I look forward to knowing you! 
920 663 9826