Grading, Supplies and Expectations
Class Room Expectations
I expect all students to come to class prepared to work and learn and to be a positive active participant in their learning.

Materials Needed
- Something to write with (preferably pencil).  All tests and quizzes must be done in pencil.
- Math book or computer.  All students have an e-book which is an electronic version of the
  hard cover book.
- Graph paper.  We do a lot of graphing in class and for homework.  Students can do all of
  their work on graph paper.
- A binder and loose leaf paper.  These are optional but students will need to be organized and
  be able to find their notes and homework when needed.

95 -100    A                    87 - 89     B+           77 - 79   C+           67 - 69   D+         0 - 59 F
90 - 94     A-                  83 - 86      B             73 - 76    C             63 - 66    D
                                     80 - 82     B-            70 - 72    C -           60 - 65    D-

Students will be graded on homework quizzes, team tests, checkpoints, and individual
     - homework quizzes are assessments that involve students writing down their work and
       answers for a few select problems and are worth 15% of a students grade.  They are
       problems that have been assigned and corrected.  Students have homework just about
       every night (see calendar for assignments).  It students are struggling with homework,
       homework help is available on the CPM website.  All students also have an answer key. If
       a student is absent or would like to retake a homework quiz - they have one week to do
     - team tests are assessments of how the students are working as a team.  They are
       worth 15% of the students grades.  I do not allow retakes on team tests as they are an
       assessment of how the team is working together.
     - individual assessments are worth 70% of the students grade.  One form of individual
       assessment is chapter tests.  Corrections can be made on chapter tests for up to one
       week after the tests have been handed back.  In order for a student to do corrections they
       must come see me and arrange a time.  Another form of individual assessments is a
       checkpoint.  These are benchmarks of skills that students are expected to master.  If they
       are not passed the first time, extra practice will be given and the students will be asked to
       retake the assessments until they have shown mastery of 80% or better.