Additional Thoughts

Additional Thoughts

Homework Expectations

•Expect homework assignments daily.  Homework will also be corrected/graded the next day. During this time it is VERY IMPORTANT to check for correct/incorrect answers, as well as ask questions about incorrect answers or problems that you may not understand.

•Expect a homework quiz weekly (this is an opportunity for me to take a “snapshot” of your notebook so I can see if you are learning from your homework and showing work and labels as I have asked.)

•You may use your notebook on these quizzes so don’t throw anything away.  These will be graded for the correct answer and for work shown and for using labels. 

•If you answer problems incorrectly on homework, you should be asking for help so you can understand why they are wrong.  That is how you learn from the work you do.  •It is your responsibility to find the help you need to improve in math.  There are many opportunities!!!!  Take advantage of them!


Opportunities for Homework Help

My teacher-site has a direct link to CPM’s homework help site, as well as the extra practice site.

In addition to these great resources, math lab is also available at the following times.

Math Lab – Before School in Room 218 from 7-7:35 offered daily

Math Lab - After School in Room 232 from 3-4 pm offered Monday - Thursday


Homework Quiz and Checkpoint Retakes

Retakes – Everyday for A lunch and Red Days with Mrs. Schuster for B and C lunch.

Test Retakes

Individual tests MUST be retaken if failed. Upon the failure of a test, you will be given a review to complete during Math Lab in order to receive help from a math expert.  After completing the review and having it checked by the math expert or teacher, then we will schedule a time to retake the test during one of these times: lunch, study hall, math strategies, or at math lab.  Corrected tests are only worth a fraction of the original test. The best way to prepare yourself to pass the individual tests is to complete your homework, and check for accuracy DAILY.