Mrs. Hang's Links

Nothing to Do?  
1.  Make yourself a better human being - READ ABOUT THE WORLD!!

Scholastic Action Magazine (Read fiction and non-fiction articles)  password = washington309
Tween Tribune   (Read about current and past events)
CNN 10- Minute Student News   (Read and watch videos about current events)
Dogo News    (Chose grade level and topic/subject at the top of the page)
Great Websites For Kids   (Click on an orange tab, then choose one of the websites that are available)
DK Find Out  (Random Non-Fiction topics to learn about)
Teen Kids.Gov   (Learn about the U.S. Government.  Use the "Learn Stuff" tab, not the "Games" tab.)
Wisconsin For Kids    (Learn about the state of WI's environment, history and archaeology)
The Nonfiction Minute   (Read AND Listen to articles on thousands of different topics)
Time For Kids   (Watch videos and read stories about current events)

2.  Learn about making a difference!
Kids Are Heroes (Learn about students your age that are heroes in their community)  (Pick a category - answer questions to earn rice for the needy, thanks to the World Food Programme)

3.  Read something different
Teen Ink   (Read writing by teens, for teens)
Poetry For Teens   (Use the search bar on the right to read poems from different categories)

4.  Practice Your Math Skills
IXL Grade 7 Math Quizzes 
IXL Grade 8 Math Quizzes
IXL Grade 9 Math/Algebra Quizzes - practice +. -, x, /       (If I have not signed you up for an account, see me.)

Math Homework Help - CPM Math Website -

 Grade 7  -->  Grade 7 Math Homework Help
 Grade 8  -->  Grade 8 Math Homework Help 
 Grade 9  -->  Grade 9 Algebra Homework Help

Google Translate - Stuck on a word?  Try translating it to see if that helps.