Vocabulary and Grammar Practice
Vocabulary and Grammar Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Learning a foreign language is a skill which must be practiced often.  Just like you practice your musical instrument,  your favorite sport, or your part in the school play, you must also practice your Spanish.  The following are some ways to help you practice.

**Flashcards are wonderful tools to help you memorize vocabulary and verb conjugations.

**Quiz yourself using old worksheets, quizzes, and tests.  Simply cover up the answer and do the worksheet, quiz, or test over again by writing your answers on a separate sheet of paper.  Then, correct your paper by uncovering the correct answers.  Don’t worry or feel bad if at first you get many of the answers wrong. That just tells you that you need more practice.  By doing your papers over and over again until you get all or most of the answers right you will ensure your success in Spanish class.

**Have a friend or family member quiz you.  They don’t even have to know Spanish!  Give them your vocabulary list, have them tell you a word in English, and you tell them the word in Spanish.  They won’t be able to help you with pronunciation, but that’s okay as we’ll take care of that in class.  If you find that you’re having trouble with spelling (it’s a lot easier in Spanish than in English!!!) you should write the word as you say it and then check the spelling. 

**Periodically go back and review/practice old lessons to make sure that you still remember what you previously learned.

**Going to www.classzone.com can enrich your classroom experience by providing additional  vocabulary and  grammar practice.  This website also has an online version of the textbook.  To access these and other exciting tools, first choose ‘world languages, high school’ on the home page.  Next select your state.  Finally, click ‘go’ to find your book.  Spanish 1 and 2 students, click on the first book, ‘Avancemos 1.’  Spanish 3 students, click on the second book, 'Avancemos 2,' for current lessons or the first book, 'Avancemos 1,' to review lessons from Spanish 1 and 2.  Now you’re ready to begin exploring these cool activities!

   **The Internet also has a great variety of interactive practice websites.  Here are two: