Megan Gleason, School Counselor


Welcome to my counseling page!

I’m Megan Gleason, and I’m so proud to be a Raptor! I am a school counselor, so I specialize in helping your children feel safe, solve problems, and grow each day.

What does a school counselor do? 
- Teach Life Skills for 4K through 5th grade students (Lessons focus include: Being a Learner, Emotions, Solving Problems, Child Protection, Career interests, etc)

-Lead small groups for students with common goals

- Create opportunities for adults to learn and grow in equity and compassion

-Connect families with community resources for food, clothing, rent, medical, transportation, etc.

How can my child see a school counselor? 
- Parent/guardian referral (contact via phone, email, or in person)
- Staff member referral (staff notices a change or has a concern)
- Self-referral (student stops by the office on their own)

I love connecting with families, so please feel free to contact me by phone at 920 663 9126 or by email at or arrange for an in-person meeting. Talk soon!

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