English 7 Class Page

Quarter 1

This year English department will be continuing the implementation of the "Readers-Writers Workshop" model.  Students will be engaging in a "Reader's Workshop"and will be partaking in a "Writer's Workshop" by switching between workshops weekly.  

Reader’s Workshop

During first quarter of Reader’s Workshop, students will be reading a variety of short texts to assess their knowledge of standards in the “Reading: Literature” strand. Students will be reading short stories, dramas, and poetry in this unit.  Students will also be completing “Checkpoints” that assess their knowledge of the Common Core Standards.  Students must get a passing checkpoint in order for the assignment to be accepted as complete.  In “Infinite Campus”, it will be indicated if the checkpoint was re-done or incomplete. 

During every Reader’s Workshop day, students will be reading their own independent novel of their choice.  It is every student’s goal to read at least one non-school-assigned book a month.  Students should be reading these books at home as well as school, and students have been recording their reading in a “Reader’s Log” at school.

Writer’s Workshop

During first quarter, students will start the Writer’s Workshop by writing Realistic Fiction Narratives.  Students will be formulating multiple story ideas and drafting many of their ideas.  Each day we will focus on a skill to use in their writing, and most nights of writing workshop days, students will have homework to work on outside of class.  During these Writer’s Workshop days, students should be taking home their Writer’s Notebooks (composition notebooks) to do a variety of tasks.  I have been encouraging all students to write down their homework in their assignment notebooks, so they do not forget.

Note: Writer’s Workshop is a rigorous program.  During first quarter, students will be working to build their stamina as writers.  According to the Writer’s Workshop program, during Writer’s Workshop days, students should be writing for 35-45 minutes with only a short break in the middle.  This might be difficult for some students to adjust to, but the production of writing should be steadily increasing throughout the workshop.  Even just a few weeks into the quarter, there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of writing and the production of writing from the students.  Feel free to invite your students to share their writing with you at home!