English 8 Class Page

Quarter 1

This year students will start first quarter by slowly adjusting to the newly implemented Writer's Workshop model. Students will begin by reading and writing narratives, followed by reading and writing informational texts, and finish with argumentative texts.  The review and practice during quarter one will help prepare students for the complex reading and writing that students will be encountering in the next quarters.  In the 8th grade Writer's Workshop, many of the written assignments are blended, meaning they are a combination of narrative, informational, and argumentative writing.  To prepare for the upcoming quarters, students will use the practice and review of first quarter as a stepping stone for understanding.

Note: Writer’s Workshop is a rigorous program.  During first quarter, students will be working to build their stamina as writers.  According to the Writer’s Workshop program, during Writer’s Workshop days, students should be writing for 35-45 minutes with only a short break in the middle.  This might be difficult for some students to adjust to, but the production of writing should be steadily increasing throughout the workshop.  Even just a few weeks into the quarter, there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of writing and the production of writing from the students.  Feel free to invite your students to share their writing with you at home!