Grading, Supplies and Expectations
Class Room Expectations
I expect all students to come to class prepared to work and learn and to be a positive active participant in their learning.

Materials Needed
- Something to write with (preferably pencil).  All tests and quizzes must be done in pencil.
- Math book or computer.  All students have an e-book which is an electronic version of the
  hard cover book.
- Graph paper.  We do a lot of graphing in class and for homework.  Students can do all of
  their work on graph paper.
- A binder and loose leaf paper.  These are optional but students will need to be organized and
  be able to find their notes and homework when needed.

95 -100    A                    87 - 89     B+           77 - 79   C+           67 - 69   D+         0 - 59 F
90 - 94     A-                  83 - 86      B             73 - 76    C             63 - 66    D
                                     80 - 82     B-            70 - 72    C -           60 - 65    D-

Students will be graded on review/preview completion, learning target quizzes, team tests, checkpoints, and individual assessments.
     - review/preview consists of the nightly homework assignments and learning target
 are assessments that are based on the learning targets
       explored during the week and are worth 15% of a students grade.  
     - team tests are assessments of how the students are working as a team.  They are
       worth 15% of the students grades.  I do not allow retakes on team tests as they are
       an assessment of how the team is working together.
     - individual assessments are worth 70% of the students grade.  One form of
       individual assessment is chapter tests.  Another form of individual assessments is a
       checkpoint.  These are benchmarks of skills that students are expected to master.  

Corrections on learning target quizzes are encouraged within a week of taking them.  Retakes of individual assessments are encouraged and need to be completed within a week of the original assessment.