Chapter 1 - Functions.  In 8th grade, students explored the relationship between two quantities that could be graphed with a straight line.  In this first chapter, students explore nonlinear functions and learn how to describe a function completely.  This chapter also develops skills for students to be a productive member of a study team.

Chapter 2 - Linear Relationships.  In this chapter, the students develop a deeper understanding of slope and the slope/intercept form of linear equations.  Last year students were introduced to the idea of slope as growth in tile patterns and how that then shows up in a table, graph and equation.  This year, students are building a better understanding of slope as steepness and working more in-depth with slope in graphs.

Chapter 3 - Simplifying and Solving.  In this chapter, the students discover and apply the exponent laws.  They are also introduced to the "generic rectangle" which is a solution method for finding the product of polynomials.  Lastly, they work on solving equations with absolute value and for different variables.

Chapter 4 - Systems of Equations.  Students will develop different methods for solving systems of equations.  They will also practice solving word problems by writing equations.

Chapter 5 -  Sequences.  This chapter provides students an opportunity to review and strengthen their  algebra skills while learning about arithmetic and geometricsequences.  Students also develop shortcuts for writing equations for certainkinds of sequences and discover how to write an exponential equation.