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2017-2018                                    Welcome to Math 7


My name is Mr. Timothy Duescher, pronounced “Disher,” and I will be teaching 7th grade math in Room 221 at Washington.  My goal is for all students to learn mathematics, which is needed to be successful now and in the future.  Teaching and learning will be conducted in a motivated and disciplined learning environment, covering math objectives set by the district and the state.  If you ever have questions, I can be reached at 663-9772, e-mail me at dueschert@mpsd.k12.wi.us or meet me in person after school from 3:00-3:20 p.m., or by appointment.



We will be covering the following mathematical ideas this year as part of the 7th grade curriculum:

            1.  Introduction and Probability                       2.  Fractions and Integer Addition

            3.  Arithmetic Properties                                 4.  Proportions and Expressions

            5.  Probability and Solving Word Problems       6.  Solving Inequalities and Equations

            7.  Proportions and Percents                             8.  Statistics and Angle Relationships

            9.  Circles and Volume



All students will need the following items for class each and every day:

  • We will be using a textbook from a math program called College Prepatory Mathematics or CPM for short.  Students will be responsible for the condition of the textbooks they receive, as well as bringing them every day.  Students should get the textbook covered as soon as possible.
  • A CPM Toolkit
  • Each student needs paper, either loose leaf or a spiral notebook for notes, practice work, and homework. 
  • Each student should have a folder. 
  • A calculator will be provided for use at school, or they can bring their own if they so chose.  Students will be allowed to use calculators for complex number computations and not for problems like 5 x 7.  It is a good idea to have a calculator available for use at home.  If one cannot be obtained, then one can be checked out from me. 
  • Each student should have many pencils and pens.

Please bring the required materials and supplies to class every day!



The grading scale is as follows:

A+        -           101%+

A          -           95%

A-        -           90%

B+         -           87%

B          -           83%

B-         -           80%

C+         -           77%

C          -           73%

C-         -           70%

D+        -           67%

D          -           63%

D-         -           60%

F          -           59% and less

All grades fall into one of these categories and make up that percent of the final grade.

Checkpoints and Tests are worth 60%.  Homework is worth 10%.  Learning Target Quizzes are worth 20%.  Team Tests and Participation/Team Work are worth 10%. 


Math Class Rationale:

The CPM program is designed for students to learn math by working with classmates along with teacher guidance.  During most class periods, they will be working through different problems within a group of three, four, or five. Teams will discuss, justify, and record their solutions.  Participation reflects a student’s preparation and willingness to answer questions and join in class discussion, provide help to others, and contribute to a positive and safe learning environment.  Homework is completed out of class to aid in mastery of a particular math concept.  It is checked in class the following day it is assigned and a grade is given for completion.  Assessments are given throughout a unit of study to check for understanding and reteach, if necessary, and hopefully showcase a student’s comprehension and mastery of a set of math concepts. 

Homework Expectations

Expect homework assignments daily.  Homework will be corrected and a completion grade given the next day. During this time it is VERY IMPORTANT to check for correct/incorrect answers, as well as ask questions about incorrect answers or problems that you may not understand.  Expect a Learning Target quiz every week or two.  This is an opportunity for me to assess how much of your homework and class work you are understanding.  If you answer problems incorrectly on homework, you should be asking for help so you can understand why they are wrong.  That is how you learn from the work you do.  It is your responsibility to find the help you need to improve in math.  There are many opportunities to get help in math.  One, go to cpm.org and click on Textbook Resources, then click on Homework Help, and then select the Core Connections Course 2 book.  Two, go to Math Lab, which is a place where students can receive one-on-one help from a math expert.  More information on Math Lab will be given at a later time. 


Learning Target Quiz and Checkpoint Retakes and Test Corrections

If you score less than an 80% on a Checkpoint or Learning Target Quiz, then you will have the opportunity to retake them.  Individual tests MUST be corrected if failed (less than 60%).  Retakes or corrections will be done either during lunch, Math Strategies class, study hall, or in Math Lab before or after school.  The best way to prepare yourself to pass the Learning Target Quizzes, Checkpoints, and Individual Tests is to complete your homework, getting help when needed, and to check for accuracy DAILY.

If a student is absent from class or misses an assessment, then he or she will be required to make up that work as soon as possible.  Missing a great deal of school makes the work harder and the experiences less fulfilling.  Please make coming to class every day a priority.

            Math is not a spectator sport.  To learn math one needs to have the proper tools, materials, motivation, and desire to do the work given.  The teacher and student both have responsibilities.  I will do my best to make learning enjoyable and provide a safe, productive atmosphere.  The student should provide his or her best effort and be open to help to make their math education a success.



            The student assignment book outlines very well the expectations and consequences the school has for every student.  Following rules and procedures makes school safe and productive for all people.  I will follow those expectations and reinforce the 4 P’s: 

                Be Prompt!     Be Prepared!     Be Polite!     Be Proud!

Consequences for inappropriate choices are parental contact, office referral, and/or detention. 

Also, students who do not regularly complete their homework or score below average on an assessment will have to come in and complete missing work or do retakes on assessments before or after school or at lunch time or sometimes, throughout the year, on a Saturday.

            Think not of making inappropriate choices, but exhibiting positive behaviors.  My rewards for those good things I see will be positive notes sent home or positive phone calls made to home, Duescher Dollars, drawings for prizes, candy, and more.  Set an example for others and be role models for success!

            Again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I will be happy to discuss them with you.  Remember if we work as a TEAM, then Together Everyone Achieves More.  Thank you for your help.


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